Data Migration Project Planning

by Katherine VasilegaDecember 8, 2010

When engaging a data migration project, you need to identify the migration activities in advance. Here is a check-list to help you with migration planning. These are the important points you have to check when getting ready for data migration.

Project estimates should be based on actual strategy. The data migration project should provide an accurate analysis of cost and resource requirements. You can perform a pre-migration impact assessment to verify the cost and likely outcome of the migration.

Identify the key project resources. You should inform your business and technical teams of their roles in your data migration project. You need to have an accurate set of tasks and responsibilities, so that every member of the team must understand what it is expected to deliver and in what order.

Determine the best development process for the project. Data migration projects require agile project planning with highly focused delivery points. Ensure you have sufficient capacity in your plan to cope with the high possibility of delay.

Provide your team with training. Data migration typically requires a lot of additional tools, therefore your team will definitely need some training. You have to ensure that all your training materials and education tools are tested and in place.

Agree on security policies. The data migration project staff is expected to handle data securely. That is why you have to agree on security policy and sign the corresponding documents.

The pre-migration stage involves close collaboration of data analysts, business users, and IT staff. Careful data migration planning ensures that the project initiation phase runs effortlessly.