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About Altoros

Altoros is a 250+ people strong consultancy helping Fortune 100 digitize their revenue streams through training, deployment, and integration of innovative technologies. Our world right now is the intersection of Cloud Foundry, industrial internet & IoT, predictive applications and APIs, B2B blockchain and smart contracts as a service, microservices architectures, and web components. Headquartered in Silicon Valley (Sunnyvale, California), Altoros has a sales office in Western Massachusetts, branch offices in Norway, Denmark, UK, and software development centers in Europe (Minsk, Belarus) and Argentina.

Altoros is proud to have built unique expertise around agile software development (.NET, Java, Ruby, Node.js, JS, Angular.js, etc.), Cloud Foundry PaaS, Big Data, distributed cloud computing, data processing, data mining, BI, and data visualization. Altoros has more than 250 employees, working in several locations across the world. Our most valuable asset is people. Altoros builds highly productive strategic teams by selecting and nurturing exceptionally talented engineers from the best technical universities in Eastern Europe and Argentina. Altoros engineers have minimum a B.Sc. degree and fundamental education in Math, Physics, Radioelectronics, System Design, Software or Hardware Engineering.

The team has gained extensive experience across a variety of industries, including telecom, logistics, social networking, broadcasting/media, online education, marketing/advertising, Platform-as-a-Service, Internet of Things, next-generation genomic management solutions, and more. Our developers are adepts of Agile and SCRUM methodologies. In addition, some of our developers are actively contributing to open-source (e.g. the Rails framework), speak at many developer events, and share their experience with the developer communities globally.