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5 Outsourcing Risks
Offshore outsourcing can help achieve a variety of business goals, but it is critical that senior management understand the many trade-offs. In creating a strategy to manage the offshore relationship, you must address these five major risks inherent in outsourced projects.Read more… Projects Work
Belarus Attempts to Become the Eastern European Bangalore
For a long time outsourcing buyers have praised India as a source of low-priced yet high-quality IT workforce. Today the country enjoys the lion’s share of offshore IT outsourcing business. Inspired by India’s success, a number of nations, including Eastern Europe, have recently started looking for their niche in the IT outsourcing arena.Read more… Belarus Attempts to Become the Eastern European Bangalore
Panel says offshoring good overall
Trend will benefit businesses globally, technology entrepreneurs say at forum.Read more… graphic
When offshoring goes bad
After getting burned on two previous projects using Indian subcontractors, CompareWirelessPhones.Com LLC relied on Altoros, a Tampa, Fla., company with a development team in Russia.Read more… graphic
High-Tech R&D Too Vital To Outsource?
The success Microsoft, Intel and Motorola, among others, have found by shifting important product development to their Chinese offices could presage a shift by other organizations, said Tom Banning, a vice president at Bain & Co.Read more…
FL Man Beats the Outsourcers By Joining Them
Read more… graphic
CED Panel Debates Pros, Cons of Outsourcing
There are many issues other than payroll to be addressed in debating whether or not to outsource, an executive at staffing management firm Peopleclick said Wednesday.Read more… graphic
Risk management: Properly managed, outsourced product development is viable solution
Independent software vendors (ISVs) and enterprise customers are under increasing pressure to do more with less, and offshore outsourcing is on their agenda for many reasons.Read more… graphic

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