Altoros Hyperledger Practice

Altoros Hyperledger Practice

Altoros is a 250+ people strong consultancy helping financial, insurance and healthcare companies digitize revenue streams. For blockchain applications, we integrate solutions offered by the Hyperledger ecosystem.

What We Do

Altoros builds pilot to production ready applications using Hyperledger blockchain technology. We are active members of the blockchain community and conduct training, evangelize, organize meetups.

We Research

Altoros can catalog 10-30 use cases in your industry where blockchain plays an important role. We also measure disruptive force of each use case and size its capacity and amount to become a new revenue source.

We Train

Blockchain technology is a very unique concept, difficult to understand. Our training is different because it focuses on real life use-cases in your industry and real applications we have built in the past.

We Build

Proof of Concepts. Some of them validate a business opportunity and turn into full product development, with software and hardware. Team Altoros has specialized experience in building blockchain-based products that work.

We Advise

Blockchain is not a solution for every problem, we can help you find the right fit for your needs.


Our Hyperledger-based products and services


This reinsurance PoC enables companies to automate the current process heavily dependent on manual activities and non-integrated systems. Legacy system spend a significant amount of efforts on time intensive administrative tasks like preparing
Excel based reports, email record keeping etc. and inefficient file management as each party keeps their copy of the contract on their respective internal file repository. With this solution we demonstrate how to cover the multilateral
insurance-reinsurance-retrocession calculation chain/graph with one end-to-end process executing smart contracts. The prototype application is implemented with Hyperledger Fabric blockchain and deployed to a cluster on Amazon AWS.

Bond Issuance and Trading

A blockchain application enables companies issue bonds and make them available for trading by investors. With this solution, companies don’t need to pay intermediaries such as investment banks to act as custodians of their bonds; investors can
trade the bonds without the help of centralized exchanges. The prototype application is implemented with Hyperledger Fabric blockchain and deployed to a cluster on Amazon AWS. IBM Marketplace

Insurance Fronting

Multinational companies insure their regional affiliates through insurance companies licensed in that country. The flow of premiums and claims is put onto the blockchain to reduce the time to propagate the payment compared to bank transfers as
well as to simplify accounting across all parties of the fronting chain. The application is implemented with Hyperledger Fabric blockchain and deployed to a cluster on Amazon AWS.

Netting and Trade Compression

Netting of cash flows is an important function of a clearing house. We implemented netting workflow using a graph library in a smart contract. This work is part of the POC of a Distributed Clearing Network.

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